It has been such a ridiculously busy weekend… one of those weekends you feel you need a weekend from once it’s all over. I have a big, close-knit family that keeps me crazy busy (or perhaps just crazy) on the weekends. This weekend it was the big tag sale. This won’t be it though. There will be probably at least 3 or 4 more before the season is over. Sigh. How many 23 year olds (with social lives) do you know who stay home and help their family set up for a tag sale all weekend? Yeah, probably just me. And it is sooo underappreciated. Grawr. It generally doesn’t bother me. I’m pretty used to it by now, but every once in awhile… it just can get soooo frustrating. I do so much around here and nobody seems to notice… OK, its not that much, but its waaay more than most of my peers do around their house. I need to move out again. I’d still be busy with them though. I need to move back out of state again, lol. Yeah, that was always a good excuse.

I’m sooo tired right now. I should just go to bed… but if I go to bed, I’m just gonna have to wake up and go to work. I’d rather prolong this a bit… besides I’m waiting for a nice boy to IM me or e-mail me back. Heh, haven’t done that in awhile… haven’t even cared in awhile. Probably good though… I was getting a little concerned with the lack of interest I’ve felt lately towards dating… I was feeling all dated out there for awhile. I could go for another casual Summer relationship. Ahh, the Summer… always makes me want to go on dates and hold hands and cuddle with cute, nerdy (ish) boys with good hearts.

Achhh, it’s going to be another busy week… Monday, Wednesday, Friday and possibly Saturday nights are already booked. I guess that’s good, but it also makes me all kinds of stressed out just thinking about it… good times.

OK, I’m a gonna head to bed, maybe get a little reading done…

Later nerds.

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