leaving for RI in an hour…

and i haven’t packed yet… haha, typical me.

Anyway should be a good time… dinner and then the bar tonight. Beach tomorrow 😀 First time at the beach this Summer. I love the beach, but I hardly ever have the time to go. Maybe this year will be different. Ech, I think I say that every year.

Last night was good times. Just me and Jenn. We were going to go hit a few balls at the driving range, but I had to work like crazy late. Bastaaaaards. Sometimes work just pisses me off. I was just in a nasty mood yesterday, then staying late didn’t help. So anyway, Jenn and I went out toe at and then hit up the bar for a bit… it was kind of lame there, so the two of us went to Starbucks for a bit of coffee and conversation 🙂 Then we went back to her condo and hung out for a bit. I love her cat, Deuce, he’s such a nut.

So Laura was at the bar last night. She was acting kind of weird. Jenn thinks Laura’s been avoiding us. I don’t know about that. Laura’s whole life just revolves around work and we don’t work with her anymore, so we don’t really have a lot to about with her anymore. I mean, Jenn and I really bond. We can talk about anything and everything… Laura’s just, I dunno, different.

Eh, oh well, I gots to start packing my stuff up for the weekend

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