Better late than never…I suppose

That’s right, folks! It’s my weekend re-cap… on a Thursday? Yes, on a Thursday… just because I really am just that badass. This will not be as detailed as it really should, because I just don’t have that kind of time.

Okay…so Friday after work, I went out to dinner with mom and dad and then went over Kevin’s for a few hours…

Saturday-I woke up bringht and early and ran a few errands. Around 1:30 or so, Kev and my brother’s friend Doug came over, so we could leave for NY. We took the train in from New Haven. We went right to our hotel, the Marriott on 48th(or 49th?) and Lexington, likea 5 min walk (in the ridiculous rain and wind) from Grand Central… not too shabby. Or it wasn’t too shabby until we got to our room… and what? one bed? 4 people? There was a problem… but we got it all straightened out after a few phone calls and moved to a much better room… with 2 beds.Doug’s crazy Uncle Dave came over and took us all out to dinner at Katz’s Delicatessen and then we went to a liquor store, so the boys could buy Wild Turkey 101… Then we took the subway back to the hotel, so we could change out of our wet clothes and drop off our alcohol and stuff. Unlce Dave pulled an Altoid tin of pot out of his coat and asked if we’d like to join him for a smoke in the bathroom. The boys did. Kev and I decided to pass on that offer. We then took a cab to the concert. Sufjan Stevens was amazing. The seats were amazing. The venue was just incredible. It was great. Sufjan and his orchestra played in front of a wall of windows overlooking the city…sooo cool. Not bad at all for $20 tickets (we got upgraded because they got rid our row or something). I think Dan really enjoyed his Christmas gift. He thanked me like 3 times. After the concert, we stopped at Wendy’s and got a little midnight snack and then went back to the hotel. Kev and I went to bed… or tried to. The boys stayed up, and smoked in the bathroom, drank, ate, and watched TV… loudly. Oh well. They had fun.

Sunday-Woke up, checked out, stopped at Starbucks, and just caught the 12:07 train back to New Haven. Upon arriving back ta my house, Kev realized he didn’t have his keys… oh snap (I caled the hotel the next day… they weren’t there… maybe he lost them on Metro North?). Dad drove him home and he got his spare set. We then went back home and I stayed with him while he cleaned off his car. Then we took a nap and he stayed over for dinner.

Monday-I had the day off from work and so did my parents, so mom and I went shopping down at the Outlets and had lunch at Lenny and Joe’s… That night, I went over Kevin’s for a bit… and that was about it. Not too exciting.

So anyway, that was my weekend. I’ve got to start doing work… Later nerds!

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