Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me…

Holy Crap, I’m 24!!!

Okay, I know it’s not exactly ancient, but it feels waaay older than 23. Like at 23, I could just be a big kid still, but now? no. I’m 24. I think I’m actually an adult. No pretending anymore. Though, about 3 or 4 people now have told me it’s all down hill after 25, so I guess I have one more year.

Nothing major plannned for today. I’m at work, so they did a little somethinig for me this morning (just bagels and juice, a card, and a gift card). Tonight, Kev’s taking me out for sushi… mmm… how can raw fish, rice, and seaweed possibly taste so good??? Soy sauce and wasabi. It’s all about the wasabi 🙂

Didn’t do too much for V-Day… Kev’s taking me out tonight. He had to work last night. He did have roses sent to work for me yesterday though. He’s so good. My dad made a special Valetine’s dinner though… baked stuff shrimp, twice baked potato, vegetables, shrimp cocktail… excellent. I also got my brithday gifts from the parents last night, because they knew they wouldn’t see me tonight.

Plans for the weekend: I took Friday off and at night I’m going out with the girls… Saturday, I guess probably something with Kevin (and perhaps Tom and Drunky?), Sunday relaxing and dinner with the family. I have Monday off for President’s Day and I think mom does too, so maybe some shopping… and that’s about it.

Okay, I’m out for now… Later!

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