Because Melissa will hurt me…

here’s an update. I promised her I’d update my blog as a birthday gift for her, because for some reason my updates are the most fascinating thing she has to look forward to. It’s actually kind of sad :p

So anyway, I guess I’ll just do a typical weekend update. Haven’t done one in awhile.

Friday night I went out with Jenn and Laura. I got out of work a little late and then had to catch the shuttle which always adds quite a bit of time on to my commute, so I just went right to Laura’s house after work. We then headed to Middletown, where we went to Little Tibet. I had never had Tibetan food and I must say it was most excellent. I would highly reccomend it, but not if you’re in a hurry. I think we waited about 45 mins or so for our dinner… and I got the impression that that’s just kind of the way it is. Everyone seemed to have been there for awhile. I was okay with this, but I was pretty hungry and I could tell Jenn was getting a bit impatient, hehe. Next time, we’ll have to have a little snack before we go, or go earlier, or just order a lot of appetizers.

We were then going to go out for coffee, but instead opted for Dairy Queen… the Grill and Chill. Pretty sweet. I’d never been in one of those. I had a mint oreo blizzard. Faaaaaantastic. It was a nice way to celebrate the warm-ish weather.

Saturday I didn’t do a whole lot during the day… just normal chores and then washed the car just becuase the weather was so nice… and because it really needed it.

Then Saturday night, I went over Kev’s. Then we met Tom and Drunkie and Melissa out… We met them at the Olive Garden bar and I got late gifts for my birthday… even though it was Melissa’s birthday (well, Sunday was). I was thinking about getting something for Mel, but nobody got anything for me, so I figured I didn’t have to. So now I feel obligated… but then she told me to just update my LJ because she doesn’t want my crap. What a whore. Speaking of whores, my gifts… from Drunky- a Paris Hilton book and, fittingly, a gift card to the Liquor Depot. From Mel, another Paris Hilton book (who knew she had two?) and laxatives. Now, she wanted to get me the Nicole Ritchie book… that’s why the laxatives, because you know, she’s a stupid bulimic whore. But apparently, Barnes and Nobles and Borders were BOTH sold out of it. WTF??? So yeah…

Anyway, we then headed over to Butterfly and on the way over we got to hear about what a retarded bitch her future mother in law is. Good times. Dinner at Butterfly was excellent as always. Then, we went to the bar, where we say HORRENDOUS karaoke. While it was in fact horrendous, it was fabulously horrendous. A very good time.

Yesterday was ridiculously busy… Yesterday morning I had a birthday brunch thing to go to for my grandmother. Then we went to see Failure To Launch at Uncle Gary’s. Pretty typical romantic comedy. It wasn’t as awful as the reviews said. It just wasn’t anything special. Pretty much what one would expect. Not a bad waste of a couple hours though- especially since I get in for free. After dinner, we (me , my parents, and aunt) met Uncle Gary out for dinner. We just went to Mack’s on West, which isn’t far from my house and had some excellent pizza. Nice thin, crispy crust, not too greasy… just the way a pizza should be… one white one with chicken and roasted peppers and one House pizza with all sorts of crap on it. Uncle Gary was late meeting us as always and thus made us late and it kind of pissed me off, because I wanted to go to Kevin’s afterwards. And I did, but it was later than I’d wanted to.

So now here I am at work, system problems again… not just me at least this time… everybody (although I do have a problem nobody else does so I have a separate ticket open, so yeah… it could be awhile again- let’s just hope it’s not all day like last week). I’m tired of work. I could use some serious time off. I have Friday off for a dentist appt, but that’s not very exciting… and it’s not nearly enough time off. I need a vacation.

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