Run Forrest, Run

So, I suppose it’s about that time again… time to update. I know, I know… it’s been about 8,000 years. I’ve had things to update about. I just haven’t really felt like it. So there.

So anyway, there are two things worth mentioning today.

First, the not so fun: My dad’s in the hospital. He just had gall stones removed yesterday. Yuck. People who know me are probably thinking to themselves ‘your dad’s in the hospital again? wtf?’ I know. I don’t know anybody who spends more time in the hospital or just has more medical stuff going on than my dad. You should see the number of medications he takes. Hehad a heart attacka couple years ago, he’s had kidney stones twice in the past couple of years, he had a few major surgeries when I was a kid, he had cancer when he was about my brother’s age (or somewhere around there I guess). He had really serious pneumonia when he was a kid and could have died from that. Then there’s the fact that for the past mayeb 5 yeras he’s had to walk with a cane. He has very little feeling in his legs (the left is worse than the right). They think it’s from something having to do with his cancer treatments a billion years ago.

So yeah, poor dad. And it’s not the result of poor lifestyle choices or anything like that, either. He doesn’t smoke, rarely drinks, isn’t big on sweets, isn’t overweight. One would think he’d be in good health, but that is just not the case. I just thank god that I seem to be taking after my mom, who never seems to have any major health issues. Yeah, she’s overweight, so her joints are starting to occasionally bother her if she does a ton of walking, but she’s also 54 years old… they’re supposed to be that way.

OK, and now the fun stuff… I have taken up running. I know what you’re thinking… ‘running? wtf?’ I know. But I’ve often listed it as one of those things I would change about myself if I could change anything. It’s always in my top 3… I wish I was a better runner, I wish I was better with numbers, I wish I had a bit more self confidence. There ya go.

So I stumbled upon this site and I’ve been more or less following their C25K 9 week program (actually something of a hybrid of that one and another program I read about). I have to say it’s going quite well. I’ve been running every other day since Friday (rather than their recommended 3 days a week) and I’m already amazed by my results. Who would have thought? So that’s what I’ve been doing lately… reading the message boards on that site and looking up running tips, just got some brand new sneakers (Asics 1100’s… for the most part I only really wear Asics or New Balance… they’re just the best, but that’s just my personal opinion), thinking about getting a new, more running-friendly mp3 player (love my 30gb iPod, but it’s just not the best for running). We’ll see. I don’t want to go too crazy with it. I’d rather make sure I stick with it for awhile first, but I think I just may.

So that’s all for now, folks! I’ve got to get back to work now.

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