Okay, so I have lots and lots of stuff to report on… well, maybe not lots and lots, but a good deal. I guess that’s just what happens though when you only update like once every other week. Maybe I should work on that….

Well, first and foremost…I GOT A NEW JOB!!!

My last day here at ING is May 31st ( I think… I may work so that my last day is this Friday with my vacation time) and I start the new one at Fiserv on June 5th. It all happened pretty quickly. I went on an interview last Tuesday, heard back and accepted on Wednesday, and gave my notice Thursday…The pay is MUCH better… like $10,000 more a year than I was making before… The commute is a lot better… Hours are still going to be a little crazy I think, but I’m okay with that… It sounds like the overtime will be flexible at least. And hell, for an extra 10k a year I’ll do whatever the hell the want. So yeah, I can afford to move out of my parents house now. I don’t know when I will, but I’m thinking within the next year probably. Ideally, I’d like to put it off a bit and pay off my car, but I don’t know if I can wait that long.

Next topic… this weekend, Andrea finally graduated from URI after 6 looong years and she will be making like more than double my salary as a pharmacist. Also, she just got engaged. So congratulations, Andrea!!! Now I have three weddings to look forward to. I’m psyched. I love a wedding. I totally could have been in Wedding Crashers. All I can say is, there better be an open bar.

J-Dawg got accepted into the graduate program at CCSU… CONGRATULATIONS, J-DAWG!

So yeah, all sorts of good news…

If you’re down on your luck, maybe you should hang out with me… maybe it will rub off : )

In other news:

Dad’s doing well… he spent a little more time in the hospital last week for a follow up surgery, but is aback at home now and in good shape.

I’m still running a few days a week. I missed a few days due to the rain we’ve had in the past couple weeks ( and just being pretty damn busy), but I seem to have gotten myself back on schedule. My longest run to date is 5.25 miles. That’s all running- no walking. Typically, I only run betwen 3 and 4 miles though, which is good enough for me. I don’t really plan to increase my mileage too much more at this point.

The Yankees are 1.5 games behind the Sox. They sort of sucked out in their series against the crosstowm rivals, The Mets, this past weekend, taking only 1 of 3. We can make up for it though, if we have a good series against the Sox this week. I’m really not too concerned about them at this point. It’s May. I figure I have until at least after the All-Star break to start panicking.

Okay, that’s all for now, folks!

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