Double Weekend Update… on a Friday!

This is just going to be a very random list of what I’ve done. I know nobody really cares, but I’m going to post it anyway, because I haven’t done a real update in a few weeks and I’ve actually been quite busy and have had things to post about.

Okay, so in a recent post I mentioned that my anniversary with Kevin was coming up and it now, of course, has passed. So I feel I should at least update you all on that…

It was on Friday the 16th, but we celebrated on Saturday the 17th and it was lovely. We went to Toshi for sushi, because that was our second date. It never disappoints… it is consistently the best sushi I have ever had. So we split one of the big boats and drank sake… mmm sake. Then we stopped at the liquor store and bought beer for later (a nice IPA for those of you who care), then went for coffee at the place we went for our first date. After that we rented a movie and went back to my house to watch it and drink the previously mentioned beer.

For gifts, I got a beautiful pair of white gold and emerald earrings that he put into an Ann Coulter book (god I hate that stupid wench) and an amethyst necklace. He did a very good job : ) I bought him an autographed framed and matted picture of Tiki Barber. It’s really awesome… it’s now hanging in his basement.

Sunday was just a family party for Father’s Day and Kim’s 21st birthday. It was a picnic and it was too hot to really spend any time outside… but I did get to spend some quality time with Aunt Debbie’s adorable brand new kittens, Tucker and Dylan. That night, I think I just went over Kev’s.

Okay, now for last weekend’s update. Somehow last weekend started on Wednesday, when after work I went over Kevin’s house and then we met Tom and Heather at City Steam and then we went to Vaughn’s (where I saw on of my co-workers… weird) and then I went over Kevin’s house for a bit and didn’t get home until like 3am…

Thursday was more low key. I just went over Kevin’s house and we ordered Chinese and hung out…

Friday, we were originally supposed to go to Boston for the weekend, but things didn’t work out with that… lack of proper planning generally leads to…well, nothing at all. Kev and I went to Eli’s that night and then went back to his house and drank and played Skipbo. Yes, you heard me bitch, Skipbo… and it was a damn good time.

Saturday, we went down to New Haven with Tom and Heather. We had pizza from Pepe’s. which of course was fabulous. Then we went to Richter’s for drinks… then we went to The Criterion to see An Inconvenient Truth, which I thought was quite excellent…. Very informative…. And entertaining. Yeah, Al Gore can actually be entertaining… who knew? After the movie, we went to Delaney’s and had a few beers… and then went home, which was good, because for some reason towards the end there I was beginning to feel oddly anti-social and just uncomfortable. I don’t know what my deal was.

Last night, Kev and I went out for dinner and drinks at Wood ‘N Tap, then got ice cream at The Ice Cream Churn (best ice cream ever… I’ve been going there since I was like 5 or 6 years old). I had my favorite… a hot fudge sundae with coconut almond bar ice cream… then we went back to my house and played chess. I haven’t really played chess in at LEAST 10 years… probably more like 15 years., but it all came back pretty fast. Kevin beat me, but I still did fairly well. I held my own.

Tonight I’m doing dinner and possibly a drink or two with the girls… always a good time ?

Tomorrow night, we’re going to Mohegan Sun with Tom and Drunky to see They Might Be Giants!!! w00t! That should definitely be a good time if all goes as planned…

Okay, so that’s it… I’ve got to get ready to head out for the night…
Later nerds!

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