Random Odds and Ends

Just a random post because I can…

– You know, I don’t feel half bad about leaving the old job. I thought I’d have SOME regrets, but I really have none. Fuck ’em.

– Been looking into taking some courses in the Spring. I missed the deadline for a few of the Fall prograns I was interested in by a couple of days… Bastards (of course I guess late August was not the best time to start thinking about going back to school). Oh well, this gives me a little bit more time to mull over my options…

– Excellent run today. This is the third day I’ve gone since I’ve taken some time off. It feels so good. I’m not exactly back up to 6+ miles, but today I did one of my old mid-week routes of 3 miles and I felt really good. I also learned something- shorter, quicker strides seem to be much more effective than the longer ones I’d been taking.

– All this running isn’t going to help me if I keep eating as much as I’ve been. The one thing I really hate about being home- I’m constantly eating. I made a huge pot of veggie soup the other day (totally homemade) and I keep eating bowl after bowl of that. At least it has little to no fat.

– Speaking of soup, Kev wants me to try to make him a Cheddar & Ale. I found some pretty good recipes for it. Maybe one day next week. He’ll have to keep most fo that at his house though, as that is nowhere near low-fat.

– Got in touch w/ Monster… I’ll possibly meet up with her in a couple weeks down in AC. If anyone else in the area wants to meet up, give me a hollar (HOLLAH!) and we’ll work something out 🙂

-Things to Do Today: figure out what I’m doing tonight, get birthday gifts for Uncle Gary and mom, maybe a little shopping for myself (as if I need anything), clean up room, do som reading… in no particular order – some may not happen at all…

Okay, gotta jump in the shower if I want to get some of this stuff done!

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