So I’m back home from Virginia and Atlantic City. A good time was had… I ate, I drank, I gambled, I saw stuff I don’t normally get to see, I came home $200 richer (dad actually won $1,000 and mom won $200). All in all, a good vacation.

It was also far too much time spent with my parents… It also gave me far too much time to think. I was feeling sort of down most of the week and then last -night too. I’ve just been feeling like a total failure lately… and what the hell happened to my friends? Didn’t I used to have some?

-I think I spent a lot of time when I got out of college and came home to CT trying to make some new friends… and I had a decent sized little group. The little group I’d made seems to have gone down to two. I see them on Fridays, but not even every Friday. I love them.. they’re great. I just wish there were a few more of them.

-I also have my best friend in RI. I see her 2 or 3 times a year and I might talk with her a couple times a month… love her, but she’s in RI- can’t exactly call her up and say let’s get drunk.

-College friends- yeah… I dropped the ball on that one… I’ve been totally lame and have had little to no contact with them in the 2 1/2 years since I graduated… my fault. I should have made it a point to come down and visit once in awhile.

-I have Kev and I have his friends, but really, those are his friends. I see a lot of them, but I’m not stupid… I know that when he’s gone, they’ll be gone too. That’s just how it is.

– I guess if you’re really desperate, my Aunt Annie could be counted. I love my Aunt Annie. She’s really the best. We go out sometimes… but really, she’s my aunt.

Okay, besides all the time I spent thinkng about my lack of friends and how it must somehow be my fault, I also spent some time thinking about work and money and how I still live with my parents… but that’s a constant. You’ve all heard that rant many times before… so I won’t go into it.

I don’t start back at ING now until next Monday… bummer. Yeah I get another week off, but I was sort of looking forward to starting back. Apparently I’m getting a $2,000/ year raise from my old salary there, so that’s pretty cool. Still not really enough, but definitely appreciated.

Okay, time to stop moping. I have to do my cleaning and I may be going to Kev’s this afternoon for the Giants game… haven’t really decided yet. The Yankees also play at 1pm… and I don’t know if I’m really feeling up to spending time with his family right now. Bah.

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