Sorry for the bitchy-ness

Alright, sorry for the last post… I was bitchy, PMSing, and had far too much time on my hands… It happens now and then and the result is always the same- whineyness, self-loathing… you know the drill. I feel better now.

I did end up going over Kev’s house to watch the Giants beat the Eagles. What a game, eh? Man… I’m not going to say it was well-played. It was pretty ugly actually. Even when they came back towards the end, it wasn’t done very skillfully. I honestly think they played a better game last Sunday when they lost to the Colts. Yes, even though I was on vacation, I still managed to catch the game. Got to have priorities, people.

The Yankees lost 3 of 4 in their series against the Sox. Sucks, but with a 9 1/2 game lead and not that many games left, I’m really not too concerned. Kev keeps asking me if the games still even matter at this point. Do they matter? Yes. Is it possible for Boston or even Toronto to come back? Yes. Is it likely? Not at all. Stanger things, however, have happened. Look at 2004.

Things to Do this Week:

– clean room
– read
– upload pictures from vacation
– buy new Giants gear (all I’ve got is a sweatshirt and a hat)
– stick to running regimen

I’m sure I’m forgetting some stuff…

Okay, time to tackle the room!

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