Not too much to report today…

I’m petty much, more or less, done cleaning my room… very exciting.  A clean room always makes me very happy.  I don’t know why I don’t do a better job of keeping in that condition.  I have a whole laundry basket full of shoes and a trash bag full of clothes that need to go to Good Will.

Ran my normal 3 miles today… very quickly though for me.  I’m not sure why, but it’s pretty cool.  If I do it again next time, I’ll be very pleased.

I’m tracking my food intake and exercise on SparkPeople.  It’s pretty neat.  If you’re looking to drop a few pounds I’d try it out.

In other new, I’ve been trying to catch up on… well… the news. One good thing about this hiatus from work is I’ve been very good about keeping up with my current events (except for when I was on vacation and Kevin mocked me and called me something along the lines of the worst ex-polisci major ever… jerk).

Since I’ve been blogging more often recently, I’ve decided I should include some of the stuff I’ve been reading about in my posts.  Why not?  I’m not saying it’s going to be a daily thing… hell, it probably won’t last a week, but here it is…


Bloodless MIlitary Coup in Thailand- New PM In two weeks…New Constitution within the year – this is very interesting… something to definitely keep an eye on

New Judge Throws Saddam Out!– that crazy Saddam can be quite a handful!

Allen Admits to Jewish Roots– A whining, “macaca” – hating, Jew… good luck with your campaign, Senator!

White House Drops Condition on Interrogation Bill – Don’t Mess With McCain!

Possible Increase of More than 140,000 Troops in Iraq
– Can’t say I’m surprised…

The Great Trench of Baghdad – a little something by Jim Shea… I love this guy- his reaction was the same as my own. I believe he’s also my high school Spanish teacher’s husband… pretty nifty

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