All Sorts of News…

Okay, so I know I haven’t updated in a gabillion years… which really isn’t anything new… I think it’s been what? 3 months-ish? And I still never gave a real Hawaii update. Yeah. I’ve been busy. Really busy.

My job at ING was eliminated. They found me a new job at ING… with more money, doing basically what I was doing… and there’s room for growth. Since starting at ING in April of ’05, I am now making $6,000 a year more. I am awesome. :p I started in the new department a few weeks ago. So far I really like it. It’s a much younger team than I was on before.

My mom got sick… Guillain Barre Syndrome (sp?) It pretty much paralyzes you. She couldn’t move or feel much below her waist. She was in the hospital for about a month. She’s better now- slowly but surely recovering with physical therapy. She can now walk with a cane and can even get upstairs. Go mom!

Also, more huge news…. Kev and I moved in together…. on April 14th. Yeah, you guys even missed out on the whole apt hunting and shopping posts I could have done. But anyway, the place is great. It’s soooo cute. Its on the first floor of a 3 family home in Hamden … 2 bedrooms (one for the office/guest room- we’ve got a futon in there for guests), a bath, dining room, living room… nice sized kitchen… and a cute little entrance way- complete with hooks for our coats and the whatnot… gooood stuff. My cat, Spaz, is here… she seems happy. The best part is that we’re just a stone’s throw away from the awesomeness of New Haven… and all the good stuff that comes with that. My commute to Hartford is really no worse than it was from Bristol. I love it! I’ll have to post pictures at some point 🙂

Anywho… I’ve got to finish cleaning the apartment.. and try to clean myself up a bit. Tonight, Kev and I are going to see They Might Be Giants up in Northampton… lesbian capitol of the Universe 🙂

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