Sleepy…need vacation.

Good Morning, Happy Tuesday!

It’s early. I’m really not this chipper… I’m actually sort of grumpy.

Work. I’m tired of it. I’m feeling sort of burnt out – I need a vacation, I think. I need more than a few days, though. Even 3 day weekends feel super short lately. I feel like I could really use about 2 weeks, but I just don’t have that sort of time. I believe I have about 12 days left for the year, which isn’t too bad…enough for a week’s vacation and then one random day off every month. This is what I plan on doing, though I have no real plans for the one week… possible trip with the family to the Outer Banks in the fall? Perhaps.

Blah. Sorry for the rambling. I thought I was going to have a real post for you, but it’s just not it me. I have to get ready for work now 🙁

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