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So this weekend we got a brand spanking new dining room table… it’s beautiful and all I’d hoped for. It was a Christmas gift from my parents. That’s right… a Christmas gift… that I JUST got. Now, this isn’t really a belated Christmas gift as it was ordered shortly before Thanksgiving from Bond Dinettes in Newington and were told to expect it within 4-8 weeks, which was longer than I had really wanted to wait, but then I’d already gone so long without a proper dining set that I thought ‘really, what was a few extra weeks?’.

Around week 6, we started making regular phone calls to the store inquiring about the status of our order and we were repeatedly fed 6 lines of total BS regarding storms in Kentucky and the poor economy and blah blah blah.

I have now, at week 14 (or is it 15? I’ve lost count), finally received my table… but NO CHAIRS. The chairs have STILL not arrived. They have given us six loaner chairs… six chairs that do not match the set. They are lovely chairs, but they do not match the table. Fine. However, we still really do not know when the chairs will be received. We will be making more calls to the store.

While the furniture seems to be nice enough and well made, I cannot recommend doing business with Bond Dinettes… unless you don’t mind making repeated phone calls, getting little to no information, and having to wait months and months to receive your furniture. If you’re into that sort of thing, go for it.

Anyhow… here is a picture of our brand new dining room table with 6 non-matching chairs:
new dining table

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