Hardware City Tavern

Before going to the show on Friday night, Tom, Heather, Kevin and I had dinner at the Hardware City Tavern, right next to the Hole in The Wall theater in downtown New Britain.

We go there fairly often. The food is pretty good (think typical pub fare), the beer selection is decent and they have some pretty good drink specials throughout the week. I especially recommend trying any of the burgers on the menu which have almost a sort of spicy rub on them and come with your choice of chips, fries or onion rings and their own coleslaw that actually has a little horse radish in it. I’m not normally a coleslaw fan, but this is pretty good.

The building itself is somewhat historic, “designed and built by New Britain’s own celebrated architect William Cadwell in 1903, [it] was the elegant home of the John A. Andrews furniture store”. They’ve really fixed the place up pretty well. The decor is warm, cozy, and tasteful. It’s been said that you actually “sort of forget you’re in New Britain” while you’re eating there.

This is the sort of place that New Britain needs and we like to show our support for such a fine local business. If you’re in the area, you should consider checking them out as well.

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