iPhone vs. BlackBerry

Any opinions? I’m considering upgrading to some form of smartphone, because a) I hate my LG Shine, b) all of my friends have BlackBerrys these days and they text me in paragraph form, so I clearly need a QWERTY keyboard so I can respond to their texts, c) all of my friends have BlackBerrys and I just can’t handle the peer pressure and d) I just deserve it, damnit. I’m worth it.

So I’m thinking I’ll probably go with the BlackBerry Curve, but I could also end up getting sucked in and succumbing to the ultra hipness of the iPhone. I’m already on AT&T, so that’s not an issue. HOWEVER, I’m also thinking about switching carriers… Anyone have any opinions on TMobile?

Help me out, folks! I can’t make these kind of decisions on my own 🙂

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  1. be warned, if verizon is your blackberry server, the rates mysteriously jack up. blackberry has many more hidden fees it seems than iPhone. or at least that’s what ive seen.

  2. ^^ not true.

    Blackberry internet service is pretty much the same no matter what carrier you have. I have a blackberry on verizon and I’ve vowed to NEVER own a phone other than a blackberry ever again. And i’m being serious. lol. I love everything about. I’m a text maniac so the keyboard is a must, the calender/organizer functions are excellent because i forget everything, and the actual phone aspect of it is really good (reception, volume, etc). But wait for the new BB coming on in June/July…it’ll be better than the Curve for the same price.

  3. I have T-Mobile… and IMHO… they suck!

    Still… I love my Sidekick. I have had every version of the device.

    It is not a great as a phone, but the best for me… I don’t chat on the phone… only text, email and web.

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