We Want Torre

46760280 Chants of “We Want Torre” could be heard in the 9th inning of Tuesday night’s game versus the Red Sox, as the Yankees lost their 5th consecutive game (and every game so far this season) to our division rivals.  It was pretty painful.  I don’t know that we necessarily want Joe Torre back managing the Yankees, but thing sure were looking a lot better when he was around.   One thing is for sure, the new Joe – Girardi this time – certainly hasn’t been all we had hoped that he would be 🙁   We expected him to infuse new life and energy into the team and that unfortunately has just not happened.  Torre, however, has  had some great success with the  managing the Dodgers since .  Sigh.  The Yankees have now dropped below .500.  The season is still young, but it’s just not looking too pretty.

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