Mom Demands Recall of Yearbook

So basically, this high school girl didn’t wear underwear on club picture day… because she didn’t want to show her panty lines. Instead, however, she didn’t sit like a lady in the photo and showed a whole lot more!

OK, I understand that this is very embarrassing for the young girl, but according to some it’s just a shadow, so how bad can it really be? And stuff always seems to get through in the yearbook editing process… and yearbook recalls are not the norm in this sort of situation.

So not having seen an unedited version of the photo, I can’t really say how I feel about the subject. But I can tell you this: watch the video. This girl gets in trouble for not sitting like a lady in a yearbook photo, okay… but she clearly still has not learned her lesson, because here she in on CNN and… surprise surprise, still not sitting like a lady! You’d think she would have learned her lesson! I say brush yourself off, move on, and call this a learning experience.

And next time you don’t want to show your panty lines, wear a thong for chrissake!

Embedded video from CNN Video

EDIT 5/17/2009:  So I’ve seen the unedited pictures (just Google it – they’re all over the place), and yeah… there’s no getting around it – it really does look a lot more like crotch than shadow.  I don’t know…  still doesn’t change my opinion that this girl needs to sit like a damn lady!

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