It’s Only Natural

Friday was another gorgeous day and, as I’ve mentioned I had kind of a rough week, so Kevin and I decided we needed to go out that night and get some dinner and drinks after I logged off from work. Because it was so gorgeous out, my only prerequisite was that the place we chose had outdoor seating. After much debate, we chose It’s Only Natural in Middletown, CT. It’s Only Natural specializes in vegetarian and vegan food and it is absolutely amazing what they can do to satisfy even the confirmed carnivores out there.

When we got there, it was hopping (it was Friday night, after all), but we were seated immediately and got the last available seating out back on their patio. In normal Kevin fashion, he immediately grabbed the beverage menu upon taking our seats. It’s Only Natural has an interesting selection of beer.  Kevin chose the Peak Espresso Amber Ale and I ordered the Sam Smith Cherry Ale. Both were quite delicious.

Neither Kevin nor I had eaten much that day, so we were starving and decided to order an appetizer. After looking over the menu for awhile (there were so many interesting choices!), we decided on the nachos – which come with red bean chili, tofu sour cream, salsa and your choice of cheese. They did not disappoint and filled us up quite nicely.

For our meals, Kevin and I each ordered our usuals there. I had the Cali Melt Wrap, which can also be served on their homemade whole wheat bread. The wrap was awesome- served warm, with hummus, your choice of cheese ( I chose Mozzarella), mushrooms, and avocados. Kevin had the ION Burger, which is probably the best veggie burger anywhere (and I know my veggie burgers) and is also served on their whole wheat bread. Both were served with a heaping pile of their sweet potato fries, which are really phenomenal and in my opinion the star of the meal.

The waitstaff is friendly and knowledgeable and the decor is cozy and fun, with the works of local artists adorning the walls and the patio was really cute, too. I highly recommend It’s Only Natural for any vegetarian or vegan or  for anyone like Kevin or myself who just like to try something a little different once in awhile.

Here are a few pictures from our evening:

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