Officially A Blackberry Owner

blackberry-curve-8310-1So now I’ve done it!  I’ve joined the cult and bought a Blackberry.  After months of research and hemming and hawing and trying to figure out whether I should go with a Blackberry, iPhone (even though I am SO not hip enough for that) or even switch to T-Mobile and get the G1, I just went and did it.

AT&T must be getting ready to bring in some new models, because even though I’m not eligible for a discounted upgrade until sometime in December, they were offering an early upgrade to their Blackberry Curves in either Titanium or Red for the low price of… FREE!  I noticed it on their website over the weekend and I just had to jump on the offer.  It looks like they were also offering the Bold, but they were already long gone by the time I noticed the offer.  So if you’re an AT&T user and are considering upgrading to a smart phone, this is a great way to do it and you should probably jump on it fast!

I had planned to wait until the brand new ones came out this Summer, but any way I looked at it I was going to be spending an awful lot of money and you just can’t beat free.  And while the Curve won’t be the latest and greatest,  I’m sure I will be more than satisfied with it as it will be a hell of a lot more phone than I’m accustomed to.

So I’m super psyched now.  I love new toys 🙂 It should be coming in probably either sometime tomorrow or Wednesday and that, like everyone, I’ll be instantly addicted.  And hey, now you can all refer to me as a crackhead and really mean it!

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  1. I’ll buy you lunch for a week if she see it and continuously talks to you about it lol

    1. So far it’s been great! I’ll probably be posting about it tonight after work. The only thing, of course, is that I’m going from a bare bones plan – no data, cheapest thing offered- to a slightly better plan plus a data plan with messaging, so my wallet’s hurting a little bit, lol. A little hard to justify, but I think it’s worth it 🙂

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