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cat in bathroomI always try to keep posts about my cats to a minimum, because really, nobody want to hear about them.  I know- I don’t even want to  hear about peoples’ kids… why would strangers want to hear about my cats?  This time, however, I am making an exception…

I want to know if anyone else has experienced this strange phenomenon.  My cats seem to love Kevin and myself far more when we are in the bathroom than at any other time.  They love the bathroom and follow us in ALL. THE. TIME.  As in, if they see us going in they will RUN to catch up and  beat us in there.

Once there, they are SUPER affectionate.  They want to cuddle… and I am not all about cuddling with the cats while I’m on the toilet – you got to have some boundaries, ya know?  Because I don’t want to cuddle, Nemo will just throw himself down at my feet and look up at me with lovey eyes and purr up a storm.  It’s a little weird.  Oh, and they  both get sooo excited when you flush!

Spaz frequently jumps into the shower with me before I’ve turned the water on…  I’ll admit, a few times I’ve turned the water on as she’s getting in just to watch her flip out.  Kevin locks the door when he showers…  and you should see them freak out!  They will sit at the other side of the door until he gets out – sometimes even scratching at the door or meowing somewhat violently.

I would just believe that my cats are weird, and they are, but I’ve had many cats over the years and the majority of them have all wanted to be in the bathroom whenever we went in.  Is it just my cats?  Or is it all cats?  And what is up with that???

There is no question that they are absolutely fascinated with toilet… if you’re sitting on it, do they think that you therefore are the master of this wondrous being?

Cat owners out there, do you have any opinions on this subject?

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  1. My cat (Patrick) has a bit of a bathroom ritual. Every morning, like clockwork, when I finish my shower he will walk in a lick up the water. He does this for 5-10 seconds then leaves. Strange, huh?

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