Bond Dinettes: 6 Month Update

So I thought it was time to update everyone on my battle with Bond Dinettes in Newington, CT…

As of yesterday, it has been 6 months since I placed the order with them for my dining set…  We ordered it on November 25th.   As you may recall, I received the table (after constantly pressuring their customer service department) back in March – about 4 months after the order was placed.   Per their original estimates, the full set should have arrived 4 – 8 weeks after the order was initially placed, so… sometime in January?

Well, we still have no chairs… and they are still NOT helpful.  We’ve handed the project of daily calling over to my father who is home all day anyway these days.   His luck has so far been no better than mine or my mother’s was (when I handed the project over to her back in February, thinking she’d be much better at laying on the pressure than I am).

While I have no chairs yet (just the non-matching loaner ones provided with the table), we DO have some new excuses!  These chairs that I was told have been made and are sitting somewhere in Kentucky since January cannot be delivered because the truck is not full… or at least that’s what we were told several months ago.  Wouldn’t you think they would have just had them delivered once the estimated delivery time had been reached?  We’ve most recently been informed that there have been difficulties  because the manufacturer was sold to another company?  Also,  they won’t tell us any information about this company…  We’ve offered to just go down and pick up the damn chairs ourselves, but no… they can’t do that.

Again, I cannot stress how much I cannot advise doing business with this company. SIX MONTHS!  SIX MONTHS!  Absolutely unacceptable.

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  1. Well, if your mom paid with a credit card, you can notify the credit card company and have them post a credit to your account. Otherwise, it’s small claims court. I’d love to see you on Judge Judy. OR …. we can all go down and picket on Saturday!

  2. Well I am sorry to say that I once worked at Bond Dinettes. While it may be true that they are waiting for a full truck because not enought people ordered from that company, its more likely that the company will not send your chairs to Bond Dinettes becasue Bond Dinettes owes them money. Good luck and please tell everyone you know and meet as I do NOT to shop at Bond Dinettes go to Pilgrim Furniture they are great and fast. I just brought a table there, I was told it would take a month to get it. They called me within a week and had my table.

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