What Recession?

So, because I don’t live completely under a rock I have heard that we are in bit of a recession…

I occasionally climb out from under my rock and go somewhere outside of work or home (or the home office) and I socialize and shop and dine out.  In fact, lately I think I’ve perhaps done a little too much of all three of them.  This recession, my friends, is no fault of mine.  I have been working very hard to fuel the economy with lots and lots of consumer spending 🙂  You think things look bad now?  They would be far worse without my valiant efforts. You’re welcome.

Anyway… in my adventures in economic rescue, I have noticed something peculiar.  I’m not the only one who is out fighting the good fight.  In fact, some people may actually be doing a better job than I am.  They’re making me look bad!

Recently, we’ve been spending some time drinking and dining out and having grand times in West Hartford Center – a mecca in CT for trendy, somewhat upscale,  and fairly expensive shops and restaurants.  And folks, it is hopping in The Center!  There are lots and lots of people –  young and old – spending a good deal of money on food and entertainment.   It’s actually quite nice to see an area that’s really thriving in these economic conditions, but it does make you wonder… how hard are these people working their credit cards?  Maybe they’ve just said “screw it, I’m having a great time while I can” – which is a sentiment I can somewhat relate to.

Now, people aren’t just dining out – they’re shopping too!  I thought I was doing a great job keeping the economy afloat with recent purchases of a laptop, a Blackberry with a shiny new data plan… and my ever growing collection of running shoes!  Sunday, however, my mother and I took a trip down to the outlets and we of course made a stop at the Coach store.  I have never seen anything so ridiculous.  It was like Black Friday in there.   The sales were good, but they weren’t that good.  People were pushing and shoving and definitely not saying excuse me while they grabbed these expensive hand bags off the shelves.  Some of these women already had six purses in their arms… and they were actually buying them – all of them!  Now these women were really making me look bad.  I am just  not that frivolous…what do they even NEED six purses for???  I don’t know if I’m cut out for these kind of sacrifices.

I guess I am just clearly not working hard enough… I need to go buy more running shoes.  Or six BMW’s.

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