Porch Drinking Season Has Arrived!

After I returned home from washing and waxing my car at my parents’  house yesterday, Kevin and I made a trip out to the liquor store to stock up on beer and then to Lowe’s to spend half a fortune on soil, flowers, peppers, tomatoes and herbs.  We then spent some time digging around in dirt and planting everything out on our balcony. It was every bit as exciting as it sounds.

What really is exciting, though,  is that we will now be able to entertain and be social outside now that everything has been cleaned up and the flowers and vegetables and the whatnot have all  been planted.  The balcony is one of my favorite parts of  our current apartment.  We have lots of space to plant things, a place to sit outside and read,  a place to entertain guests, and the cats enjoy hanging out there with us as well:)

I took a few pictures this morning and have posted them below.  More can be seen on my Recent Photos page (as soon as I upload them!).  Take special note of the garden box on a cart that is now holding our two tomato plants… Kevin and his dad built that!  Pretty neat, huh?

Also, because it is now officially porch drinking season, I wanted to direct your attention to a great article I came across on Apartment Therapy, detailing some guidelines for Porch Drinking Etiquette.  If you have a porch, balcony or deck, and you like to hang out there in the Summer months and drink,  then you should consider adhering to some or all of these rules.

A few of my personal favorites from the list include:

– Everybody’s welcome on the porch. There’s a time and a place for exclusivity: middle school. On the porch, your influence extends only as far as your generosity.

– Greet your neighbors as they come in and out of their front doors, which are, after all directly adjacent to your drinking area. Not to do so will create a weirdness force-field for all future interactions.

– Clean up after yourself, but don’t scrub too hard. A porch should never feel too clean to spill a beer on.

Apartment Therapy: Porch Drinking Etiquette

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    1. Actually, yes! Our friends brought some back for us when they went… somewhere (I want to say Charleston, SC, but I could be wrong). I forgot I had that. That’s the perfect porch drink!

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