Yankees / Red Sox Rivalry

If you haven’t caught on by now from reading this blog, I’m a pretty big Yankees fan.  I’ve been routing for them since I was a little kid and my parents would take me and my younger brother to at least one game almost every season.  Living in Connecticut can make being a baseball fan quite interesting, because we’re geographically right in the middle of baseball’s greatest rivalry – the Yankees and the Red Sox.  It’s kind of special… and can make the long baseball season fun and at times excruciating.

Let me explain for those of you who have not  been following…  The Yankees and Red Sox are in the middle of their third series of the season, and while the two teams should be fairly well matched ( they ARE tied for first in their division at the moment), the Yankees have yet to have beaten the Red Sox once this season.  It’s a bit painful and, to be honest.  a little bit embarrassing.  We lost last night 0-7.  I actually stopped watching in the 5th inning – I just couldn’t torture myself any longer.

I wasn’t looking to kill the Sox in this series – I just wanted one win.   That’s all I’m asking for – one win and I’ll be happy.   Red Sox fans have been a little smug the past 5 years and if they keep sweeping us every time we meet, it’s certainly not going to help matters.  Tonight’s game 2 of the 3 game series… will this be the big night?   C’mon boys, do it for your fans in Connecticut!

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