It seems that Mother Nature has finally gotten her act together and is sending us some Summer weather here in New England and it couldn’t come soon enough. All that rain and the chilly temperatures were really beginning to get me down! 

Anyway, the other day I was thinking about the gorgeous weather and I realized, I didn’t have any vacations or even time off planned for the Summer.   I took a look at my calendar at work and I saw a full week still free in August!  A full week!  I was originally just planning on maybe taking a long weekend sometime at the end of Summer when Kevin is finished with classes, but then I saw that beautiful empty week on the calendar and I just had to claim it for myself.  I now have August 10th through August 14th off.  I deserve it.  I haven’t had a full week off from work since January of 2007 when Kevin and I went to Hawaii.  That is just way too long.

Now I need to figure out what I’ll do with my time off.  It looks like the Yankees are playing a day game that Wednesday, so that’s definitely on the list (it was on our list of things to do this Summer anyway).  Maybe a long weekend… or two, even?  Where shall we go?  Oh, the possibilities are endless!  I’ve been doing some research on Portland, ME.  I’ve also been looking into Baltimore, MD, because we have some friends down there that we’ve been meaning to visit.

Oh, I know it’s still about a month and half away, but I just can’t wait!  I’m so excited 🙂

Do you all have any suggestions for my week off?  I’d love to hear them!

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  1. Hey, that’s my birthday week! I suggest you spend your week celebrating my existence…. and drinking.

  2. I’m going to CO with Shakes that week. I hear Baltimore is a lot of fun and I know it’s been a long time since you’ve seen Jake and Elizabeth.

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