Futurama Cast May Not Return

futuramaI’ve always been a fan of Futurama and when I found out a month or so ago that they would be making  26 new episodes of the show that originally aired on Fox from 1999-2002 to show sometime in mid 2010, I was very excited, because I have of course seen just about every episode ever made about a half dozen times (especially since they started showing it on Comedy Central). It’s just a great show with really funny and intelligent writing and is one of the few shows that I really don’t mind watching over and over.   It never gets old for me.

Today, however, I read that there is talk that the original cast may not be returning for the new episodes and are asking for pay increases amounting to several times what they used to make.  That’s really disappointing news.  I’m sure the show will still be really great either way, but it just won’t be the same…

Futurama Cast Holding Out For More Pay
Futurama Cast Not Returning?

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