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As I’ve mentioned before, Kevin and I have been trying to hit up the gym more frequently these days.  The other night as we were getting in from the gym and I was doing all my post-gym stretching, Kevin said what I really thought was the strangest thing.   He said  he feels bad, because he always finds himself watching people at the gym and then stops when he realizes “oh crap, I wouldn’t want people staring at me while I’m working out.”  My response, of course, was that “I’m always watching people at the gym and I don’t feel bad at all,  because I assume that they’re watching  me too at some point.”

That’s normal, right?  I mean, I think I might  be on the extreme side of things where I honestly can’t mind my own business and am watching people and eavesdropping all the time!  And when I think about it, Kevin is most likely on the exact opposite end of  the spectrum, as it seems to fit with a lot of his other personality traits that he just wouldn’t care about what other people were doing.

I honestly am just always watching people –  I can’t help myself!  Malls, ball games (it’s especially bad here, because I find it  nearly impossible to pay attention to the game), work, the beach and, of course, the gym.  How could I not?

So anyway, do you engage in people watching or am I really that bizarre?

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  1. Funny and yes I watch people all the time too. Sporting events I find the best place as well since there is such a broad range of “types”… Not much into sports anyway so what else is there to do.


  2. If you work with the clowns we work with, you can’t help but watch the train wrecks that ensue….

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