Rams Head Tavern (Annapolis, MD & Savage, MD)

As planned, our first night in Baltimore was spent with our friends Jake and Elizabeth at the Rams Head Tavern in Savage, MD.  This really ended up being the perfect spot to catch up with some friends, relax and enjoy our evening.  We actually enjoyed there everything so much that on our last day in the area, we hit up their Annapolis location.  It is unlike me to enjoy something so much that I would want to go to one place twice while on vacation –especially when there are so many exciting options to choose from.

The Rams Head Tavern does what it does well.  The food was great and there was a wide variety of options to choose from on the menu.  The first night, at the Savage location, we started with an appetizer of Old Bay wings… what an excellent idea!  Old Bay on wings!  They put Old Bay on just about everything on there and it really is great on the wings.  Kevin had a crab cake sandwich, which was really good, and I had a veggie sandwich served on focaccia bread, with mozzarella and a Dijon vinaigrette.  Excellent.  At the Annapolis location, Kevin had the Toby.  Oh my god, what a wonderful idea – a grilled chicken sandwich, topped with crab dip – it was pretty special.  I had the Kent Island Salad, which was really awesome if you like spicy.  A salad with spinach, grilled chicken, sliced jalapenos, red onion, tomatoes. and their signature jalapeno and cilantro vinaigrette.   It was even a little spicy at times for me!

While we did not join the World Beer Club and imbibe all 100 bottles on their list, we did enjoy some very excellent brews.   We mostly stuck to their own list of beer, which were all quite good and just done really well.  We were particularly fond of their Tavern Ale.

The service is good and the atmosphere is welcoming.  We especially enjoyed sitting outside at the Savage location on Friday night.  It proved to be the perfect place to just unwind with friends and a few drinks.

I’m sure we will end up going  back to the Rams Head Tavern again and again on future visits  to the area.

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  1. That is saying a lot to go to a place twice while on vacation! I’m the same way–always want to try different things and enjoy the experience. I love the name: Rams Head Tavern. The food sounds wonderful

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