Bond Dinettes : Final Update

As you may recall from past updates, I was having a bit of an issue with a local business, Bond Dinettes, that sold us a dining room set last Fall. After several months of excuses, we finally got out dining room table back in March – about 4 months after we originally placed our order, when we were given an estimated delivery time of between 4 and 8 weeks.

The table was beautiful and all we had hoped for, but we were still waiting on the chairs that we had ordered. They gave us some loaner chairs while they worked on getting us the ones we’d ordered.   The chairs did not match the table at all, but that was fine – eventually we would get our chairs.  Weeks passed… still no word on our chairs. Weeks turned into months and we still could not get a straight answer from the company about what was going on with our order.  Eventually we found out that we may not be able to get these chairs and may actually have to select new ones from them.

I had put my father on the task of calling them, because I had already lost all patience with this process. He called regularly, but often couldn’t get a hold of a person to speak with. He also sent e-mails, which always went unanswered.  Eventually, in August, it was determined that we would in fact have to order some new chairs from them.

At this point, we really didn’t want to have to do business with them any longer and wanted to just get our money back for the chairs, but were told that this was impossible. They just didn’t do that. We would have to order new chairs. My mother was going to go through her credit card company and rescind payment, but first we wanted to get a price of the table to find out how much these chairs were, because the invoice wasn’t itemized and we didn’t really know how much these chairs cost. I know, amateur mistake – we’ll know next time to get things right, but we’ve really never had a problem like this before.

So one night, while I was of course busy working a billion hours a day (bet you didn’t know you could work a billion hours a day in  the standard 24 hour day – it’s called multi-tasking, people), my parents went down to the store to see what they could find out, and the strangest thing happened…. They found someone helpful to talk to! They spoke with a gentleman named Steven who was super helpful and accommodating and told us he could get us some other chairs within 2 to 3 weeks and  that we could have something in writing specifying a delivery date and if that date is not met then we would get our money back.

And this is just what we did. We found some lovely chairs that actually match our table and they were delivered to us in just a matter of days! Days!  We also got a check from them because these chairs were cheaper than the ones we originally ordered.  So it only took about 11 months, but I finally have a complete matching dining room set – and I love it.
dining room table -  bond dinettes

I obviously cannot at all recommend doing business with Bond Dinettes after my ordeal, but if for some reason, you local folks feel you MUST buy something from them (and why would you?), I would only do business with Steven.

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  1. Wish I had seen this before placing our order. We have been getting the run around for weeks and when we tried to cance our order they refused. Same story, can’t get anyone on the phone, when you do, they lie and never call you back.
    What an awful experience.

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