Happy Birthday, Kevin!

Last night we went out with Tom and Heather  for Kevin’s birthday. Yes, I’m a day late with the  birthday wishes on the blog – worst girlfriend ever, I know, but I did make him a happy birthday breakfast involving bacon yesterday morning, so that must count for something, right?

Anyway, we decided to head down to New Haven  for some quality sushi and lots of drinks. We decided on a sushi place we’d never tried before – MISO.  The sushi was quite good with some really interesting roll options, the vibe was somewhat young and hip, the cocktails were pretty good (with an exception of Kevin’s Manhattan, which was  a watered down disappointment), and I even got to try some fresh ground wasabi – awesome.  I would definitely go back again – and perhaps I will for my birthday in a few weeks.

After MISO, we hit up Delaney’s Tap Room (always a favorite of ours- see my review here) and enjoyed a  few beers.  We even had a couple of beers bought for us after a couple of random drunk guys spilled beer on our table – and Heather.  It was completely unnecessary, but they insisted – and hell, it was Kevin’s birthday – he should have a drink purchased for him by a stranger.  We left as  the lights were being turned on in the bar.  There was also a situation involving a fire extinguisher, which really made it imperative that we got out quickly because we couldn’t really breathe properly.

All and all, a good evening was had.  Happy Birthday, Dear!

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