My new iPhone 3GS

OK, so I’ve had the new iPhone for over 24 hours, and because I’ve had the time off from work, I’ve had plenty of time to get acquainted with it, download  a bunch of free apps, and just mess around.  Having had all this time to play,  I can safely admit that I love it.  I love it way more than I ever intended to love it.

Let’s be honest , there was a part of me that didn’t want to love it (as much as one can NOT want to love an expensive new toy).  I didn’t want to join the herd and  morph into an iPerson.  I felt like I was just too cool and at the same time not cool enough to just jump on board with the rest of the sheep.  I’ve always considered myself to be a little bit of a sort of rebel geek (really more of an Android person, I guess, than anything) and getting an iPhone would just totally not fit with who I thought I was.  I do love it, though, nonetheless.

AT&T just doesn’t have any Droids at the moment (though I do hear that should be changing soon) and my Blackberry was becoming a constant disappointment to me – slow and sluggish, clumsy when getting in and out of apps – sort of uncoordinated all around (the kind of disappointment I expect my future children to  be at the playground).  I was also frequently getting the White Screen of Death that could only be remedied with a battery pull – I don’t think that’s normal.  It did what it did well – e-mail and messaging.  It was awesome with those two tasks all the time.  And that was great, but so much more is expected from a smartphone these days, and it just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

It was time for an upgrade and when it’s time for a new toy, I just do not have the kind of  patience to wait for AT& T to get their act together and send in the Droids.  I did a lot of thinking about it over the last couple of months and a TON of research and in the end, I just had to do it.  I joined the herd.

Having spent some time now with the iPhone (I really hadn’t had the opportunity to play with one before), I can see why they are so wildly popular.  They just work.  An idiot could use it.  Set up was ridiculously simple, it’s really really user friendly, and everything just… well… it just sort of works -seamlessly.  Everything is synced up with my Google stuff – that’s something I was worried about.  Would it work as well as it did on my Blackberry?  Yes.  It works just as well – although, I do miss the little flashing notification light at the top.

Even web browsing is perfect- and speedy – way better than I ever imagined it could  be on a smartphone.  Let’s not even begin to compare it with my old Blackberry, because that’s just not even fair.

And the apps… oh, the apps.  I downloaded about 15 free ones… and they’e keeping me pretty busy for now.  A few games, a weather app, a couple of news apps, Pandora (of course),  Facebook,  TweetDeck,  Hello Vino (a wine app), Epicurious, Urbanspoon, WordPress (so I can now blog mobilely) and a few others… enough to entertain me for now.

So yes, I  love it…  It’s very quick, simple to use, and really quite beautiful.  I joined the herd.  Am I proud?  No.  Do I feel like a little bit of a sellout?  Yes.  Is it worth it, though?  No question.

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