Farewell Captain!

So I really don’t do goodbyes so well… this may be the understatement of the year.  I like to think that I do many things well – saying goodbye is just not one of them. When my boss announced that she was leaving the company a couple of weeks ago, I was not exactly a happy camper. While some may be happy to see their boss leave, this was definitely not the case for me.  There may have been a few tears… okay lots of tears.  I’m a huge crybaby – what do you want?

Kristin (aka Captain Oblivious) was an awesome boss – Bryan and I even presented her with the “Official Seal of Awesomeness” on her last day – which up until now, only he and I had earned.  It’s quite the prestigious honor.  Over the past couple of years, she had become more than just an awesome boss – she’s become an awesome friend – and saying goodbye to a friend is never an easy task.

Last night we celebrated her new job with a happy hour at Vito’s by the Water , which it turns out is owned by the same people that own all the Vito’s in the area – one, coming soon right near my house here in New Britain in the old Hardware City Tavern location – very exciting.  Anyway, I’m not here to discuss food today, I’m here to write about something more important – a friend.

There was, as expected, a pretty huge turnout last night ( which I’m sure had NOTHING to do with  the fact that she invited out every single person she spoke with over the past week :p) and I’m fairly certain they weren’t there for the free pizza.  Everyone who meets Kristin loves her, and while we may have lost a great boss we still have an awesome friend.

Captain, we wish you the best of luck (not that you need it)!

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