Running In The Rain

This past week, I’ve started doing a little running again after taking the winter off (as I always do).   This was probably the absolute worst week to take it up again as I have had to endure some pretty craptacular conditions.

Running in the wind sucks, running in the cold sucks (not that its really been THAT cold) and running in the rain sucks.  Running when it’s windy, cold, and pouring buckets outside is just terrible.  The first couple days I went out were actually nice, but today and yesterday were just awful.  I’ve had to basically wring myself upon returning home.  That takes some real dedication, no?

Yesterday was probably my most miserable run ever.  Oh right, except for that one time when I tripped over a big piece of nothing in the road and banged up my knee and couldn’t run again for a couple of months.  Yes, that I suppose  was considerably worse.  At least I didn’t  fall.

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