Thanks Tom!!!

So you probably didn’t  notice, but  on Sunday  night my  blog was down for awhile.   Turns out my mom’s blog had a little problem and while trying to fix it, I may have sort of screwed up my own.  Twice.  The first time I was able to bring it back to all it’s original glory.  The second time… well,  not so much.  And I flipped out.

It really wasn’t a good time to be having technical issues.  It was a Sunday night, it was late, it was  even the day before my busiest day of the year at work (meaning you know you should start early and definitely plan on staying late).  Not cool.

Before I caused any further damage, I decided I needed to enlisted the help of a far more knowledgeable friend – our awesome and uber-geeky friend Tom, who knows how to handle these sort of problems like the back of his hand (although who really studies the backs of their hands???  Tom probably does).

I sent him an e-mail entitle ‘Help!!!!”  –  yes,  with a very  grammatically incorrect FOUR exclamation marks and he responded within just a couple of minutes telling me to first  drink some wine and calm the hell down and to then  let him take a look, and that is what I did.  When someone tells me to drink wine, I listen!

Now I  realize that my e-mail probably conveyed a certain ridiculous level of urgency, but I really didn’t expect him to be able to help me so soon.  I thought maybe one night this week he’d come over and we’d feed him lots of beer or whiskey or something alcoholic and we’d work on it, but he jumped right on it – which was awesome and totally unexpected.  He confirmed that he could easily have it fixed for me as I had  just  made a backup earlier that evening (go me!).  And with a few more e-mails back and forth and him having to wait for some assistance from support, my blog was back up and running and back to it’s normal awesomeness  by the time I woke up bright and early the next morning.

I really can’t thank him enough for all his help – and trust me, I thanked him so many times that he actually mocked me for it, so I’m hoping to take him and Heather and of course Kevin out to dinner tomorrow night just as a token of my appreciation.

Thanks Again, Tom!!!

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