The Tunnel Bar – Northampton, MA

Kevin at The Tunnel Bar
Kevin enjoying his Manhattan at The Tunnel Bar - sorry for the crappy iPhone pic

Recently, I’ve developed quite a fondness for whiskey…  Kevin loves the stuff and I wanted to be able to drink it with him.   As with everything, practice makes perfect.  We started by making Manhattans somewhat regularly and sure enough, I was soon able to just drink whiskey straight.  Good stuff.  Anyway, the Manhattan has overtime become one of my favorite drinks.  However, you just can’t get a good Manhattan when you go out – trust me, I’ve tried.  More often than not, it comes out sort of watered down and  just kind of yucky all around  – a big disappointment.

On our recent day trip to Northampton, Kevin and I made a stop at The Tunnel Bar , which yes, is in an actual tunnel.  It’s really pretty neat.  Kevin had been there once before,  a number of years ago, and recalls the Manhattan he had there as the best he has EVER had – and Kevin knows his Manhattans.  My Manhattan at The Tunnel Bar did not disappoint – it was awesome and all that a proper Manhattan should be.  The vibe at The Tunnel Bar is just  perfect for imbibing a Manhattan… it’s cool, relaxed, dimly lit, with jazz music playing in the background.    Take a seat in one of the many leather chairs scattered throughout the bar and chill out with one of the best drinks you’ll ever have.  We’ll definitely make it a point to stop back next time we’re in the area!

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