50 Ways To Reuse Your Old Beer Bottles

The other day I wrote about Whole Foods collecting customers’ used wine corks and I also mentioned that while that solves one of my problems, I still don’t know what to do with all the empty beer bottles that I haven’t gotten around to recycling (actually I think I said bottle caps, but the bottles themselves tend to pile up as well).

Today, I bring you 50 Ways To Reuse Your Old Beer Bottles.   For the record, I will probably not be doing any of these…  but you can – if you have LOTS and LOTS of time on your hands.  If you want to make some of these for me, you’re more  than welcome to.  I personally have my eye on number 26.  Someone please build me a beer bottle temple.  That would be sweet!

Or you could just, you know, turn them in at your nearest recycling center.  Just a thought…

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