Marina Abramovic Made Me Cry

A few weeks ago, I posted about my recent trip to MOMA where I went to see the Tim Burton exhibit, but was completely blown away by the retrospective of Marina Abramovic’s work and her current piece The Artist is Present, in which she is sitting silently at a table every day during museum hours until May 31st and museum goers can choose to sit across from her and gaze silently back at her.

I can only imagine what a powerful experience this must be, to really get to experience and be a part of her art.  It turns out a lot of people can’t quite handle it and are  actually brought to tears.  Marina Abramovic Made Me Cry is a collection of pictures of the people who have cried while sitting across from her.  If you click on any of the photos, you will be brought to the Flickr page that contains photos of all the people who have chosen to sit across from her.

via Kottke

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