Lenny & Joe’s Fish Tale – Westbrook, CT

Last weekend, I did a little shopping and lunch with  my mom down at the outlets in Clinton and Westbrook and we had a couple of special guests with us.  My brother Dan and his girlfriend Angie came along to pick out her birthday gift from my mom…  a new Coach purse – and boy, […]

Happy 30th Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Look at my mom making my blog twice in just two days!  Today is my parents’ 30th anniversary (wow, 30 years!) and Kevin and I went out to dinner with them on Saturday night to help them celebrate.  We were actually “mystery guests” as my father didn’t tell my mom that we would be joining […]

The Race to Create The World’s Strongest Beer

A few breweries are fighting to create the world’s strongest beer – beers as potent as whiskey – with as much as 41% alcohol! …the international rivalry has put a spotlight on a fascinating, though fringe, sector of the beer industry: brewers who push beer to its alcoholic limits. BrewDog is one of a handful […]