The Race to Create The World’s Strongest Beer

beerA few breweries are fighting to create the world’s strongest beer – beers as potent as whiskey – with as much as 41% alcohol!

…the international rivalry has put a spotlight on a fascinating, though fringe, sector of the beer industry: brewers who push beer to its alcoholic limits. BrewDog is one of a handful of breweries worldwide that have experimented with techniques to enrich their beers to surpass wine and even some spirits in alcohol content.  Others that have actively competed for the strongest beer title include Dogfish Head in Delaware and the Boston Beer Co., whose Utopias is also one of the most expensive beers, at more than $150 retail. Most mass-produced American beers, from Budweiser to Samuel Adams Boston Lager, rarely top 5% alcohol by volume (ABV).

These high alcohol brews are going for as much as $55 for a 12 oz bottle… and not yet legal in the US.  Definitely an interesting concept, though.

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