Happy 30th Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Mom & Dad's AnniversaryLook at my mom making my blog twice in just two days!  Today is my parents’ 30th anniversary (wow, 30 years!) and Kevin and I went out to dinner with them on Saturday night to help them celebrate.  We were actually “mystery guests” as my father didn’t tell my mom that we would be joining them for dinner – just that they’d be meeting “another couple”, so it was a surprise – and I do love surprises!

My dad made reservations for them at Carmen Anthony Fishhouse in Avon and boy, was it awesome!  I had never been there and I am so glad we went, because it was great experience.  Everything was just top notch.  Great service, a beautiful atmosphere and the food was absolutely stellar!

I had the  Sesame Tuna served with an Asian Slaw

Sesame Tuna

Mom had Salmon a la Griglia served with their Risotto

Salmon and Risotto

Dad had a Pamesan Encrusted Pork Chop served with Mac and Cheese

Pork Chop

And Kevin had the Chilean Sea Bass with Risotto

Chilean Sea Bass

Dinner was followed by coffee and we split a couple of desserts – we were celebrating, after all!  We split their White & Dark Chocolate Chunk Bread Pudding and Bananas Foster.   The bread pudding was especially wonderful.   I wish I had gotten pictures of the dessert, but we really had to get started – the Bananas Foster was melting very quickly!  As dessert was being brought out they also brought us all glasses of champagne to celebrate the occasion.  Nice!

This was really a great meal and we were all very impressed.  I’m so glad my dad invited us out to help them celebrate such a special day!  Thanks guys and happy anniversary!

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