Lenny & Joe’s Fish Tale – Westbrook, CT

Lenny & Joe'sLast weekend, I did a little shopping and lunch with  my mom down at the outlets in Clinton and Westbrook and we had a couple of special guests with us.  My brother Dan and his girlfriend Angie came along to pick out her birthday gift from my mom…  a new Coach purse – and boy, is it beautiful!

In between outlets, we stopped for our normal lunch at Lenny and Joe’s Fish Tale in Westbrook, CT  (there’s also a  convenient Madison location that we sometimes go to).  Lenny & Joe’s has been serving up great seafood with great service since 1979 and has become somewhat famous in the area.  If you eat seafood and you live in Southern New England, chances are you have at some point eaten at Lenny & Joe’s.  I’ve been going with my family for years and have never had a bad meal.

The atmosphere is relaxed and casual with a sort of nautical theme.  There are t-shirts  and hats that can be purchased at the front of the store for only $6 (I’ve actually purchased a few myself over the years).  Also,  if you wear your shirt while you’re on a vacation or you’ve bought a t-shirt while you’re visiting our lovely state, you can take a picture of yourself in it and send it to them telling them where the photo was taken and they’ll hang it on the wall.  The are tons of pictures all over the restaurant of people sporting their Lenny and Joe’s apparel.  I think it’s kind of neat.

Notice the cool  light fixtures (sorry for the dark picture – I’ve been messing around with the manual settings on my camera):

Nautical Light Fixtures

The food, as always, was great.  First, we split a couple of appetizers (shopping can build up quite an appetite!) .  We had the fried calamari and their onion rings, which are pretty amazing.  Their portions are  huge and with four of us eating, we didn’t even finish them.

fried goodness

For our meals, Mom, Angie and I all chose the lobster roll!  My brother had the crab cakes, which I did not get a picture of but I hear they were pretty awesome.  The lobster roll has become my usual when I go to Lenny and Joe’s.  It’s really all you could ever want – hot, buttery chunks of lobster served on a hot dog bun with a side of their coleslaw – and I’m not normally a coleslaw fan, but theirs is really quite good.  I’ve heard that other parts of New England do the lobster roll a little differently – that if you go a little north, you’ll be served some sort of lobster salad on a roll.  Now, I think that’s just wrong, but that’s me.  Take a look what a real lobster roll should look like!

Connecticut Lobster Roll

Really, how can you beat that?

Overall, we all had a really great meal and good times at Lenny & Joe’s – as always.   Look at Danny and Angie’s smiling faces!

Happy Customers

If you’re visiting the area and you enjoy seafood, you really need to stop in at Lenny and Joe’s and maybe even pick up a t-shirt!

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