Happy Birthday, Heather!

After dinner tonight, Kevin and I took a little stroll down to Tom and Heather’s house to help them celebrate Heather’s 32nd birthday with her dear old friend Fudgie The Whale… yes, you heard me, Fudgie The Whale.  When was the last time you had a Fudgie The Whale?  I honestly don’t know that I ever have, but I have to say, it really was most delicious.  It also lead to some highly entertaining innuendo surrounding Fudgie’s blow hole and fluke.  Great times.

The Birthday Girl… this is honestly about the happiest I could get Heather to look in any picture.

The Birthday Girl


Tom, getting ready to battle Fudgie

Tom vs The Whale


Fudgie The Whale (he looks a little scared if you ask me)

Fudgie The Whale

The Final Product! Tom won his battle vs the whale and the Birthday girl got the fluke!

The Fluke

In past years, we’ve spent long weekends in Boston for Heather’s birthdays (which is also my half birthday, by the way).  This year, clearly, was a little more low key. This year, none of us could really get away for the weekend to help her celebrate her birthday due to busy work and school schedules, but I think we just may try to get away sometime in the next couple weeks (I have all next week off from work).  Then, we’ll really celebrate!  But for tonight, a little ice cream cake with some friends was the perfect way to end the weekend.  And I was even home in time for Mad Men!

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