Hearthstone Pub – Plantsville, CT

Recently, Kevin and I met our awesome friend Jenn out for a Sunday afternoon lunch at The Hearthstone Pub in the Planstville section of Southington.   I had been hearing a lot of good things about it, so when she suggested we meet up there, I couldn’t turn down the invitation!




The décor is simple, but attractive, with lots of dark wood and fireplaces everywhere you look (there’s a grand total of 16 in the restaurant)!  It has a very cozy and comfortable feel, the kind of place where you can really relax and spend some time with a few friends and some beers.  We actually managed to stay a few hours on our visit!

Speaking of beer, they have 16 different beers on tap, and Kevin and I were very pleased to find a number of microbrews on the list, including several IPA’s.  It was definitely a nice little selection.  They also had an extensive wine list.



Kevin, enjoying an IPA

Because this was Jenn’s last weekend before starting a diet, we decided to go all out and order the Pub Fried Combo as an appetizer. And it was all that a fried combo should be!  It consisted of potato skins, wings, calamari and onion rings, and came with a  variety of dipping options.  It was delicious, fried goodness!


fried awesome

Fried Awesomeness!

For our meal, I ordered the Grilled Portabella Panini, which was served with fries and coleslaw.  The Panini was really good.  One might wonder how one can screw up a Portabella Panini, but as someone who orders this sort of thing all the time, trust me it happens all the time.  The Hearthstone Pub got it right, though, it was perfect – flavorful, with lots of veggies, and not too soggy.  The fries were good, but nothing to write home about.  I tried the slaw and wasn’t impressed, but then, I’m not usually a big fan of coleslaw – this one was way too mayonnaisey for me.  Overall, I was happy with my meal.


portabella panini


Jenn had the Baked Stuffed Shrimp,  which was served with rice and a heaping pile of vegetables.  Look at all those veggies!   Beautiful! 




Kevin order the Guinness Bacon Cheeseburger, which was served with a side of fries.  While the burger was good, it wasn’t really anything special.  It just tasted like a normal bacon cheeseburger – no noticeable Guinness flavor at all.  The menu indicated that there would be a Guinness sauce, but it either wasn’t there or just wasn’t detectable, so that was a bit of a disappointment.




Overall, I have to say I was pretty impressed with the place, and definitely intend to go back in the near future.  This is a great place for a Sunday afternoon with friends, an evening out with the girls or even a romantic dinner for two!

Hearthstone Pub

42 West Main Street

Plantsville, CT 06479 

(860) 628-0877

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  1. Thanks for the review. we live close to this pub. It was good to know they have some Vegetarian friendly menu options.

    1. Hi Jack! Yes, there were a few vegetarian friendly options, but I was a little bit disappointed that there weren’t more. With so many people trying to at least eat less meat these days, I’m surprised more restaurants aren’t offering more vegetarian or vegan options.

  2. Hi , OMG i just had the most awful experience there. When our bill came we had a question about oneof the charges. Now we had spend 160.00 and are not shy about spending our money but it appeared that we had been over charged for one of the items on the bill that was on “Special”. We asked the waitress to check this out.She disapperared and the woman owner came over to our table, told us her young girl waitress was crying in the bathroom and how could we have not understood what the charge was. She then proceeded to loudly scold us for not understanding the price and rudely asking us if we ever ate out anywhere and and she would not shut up. I said just bring us the bill as we wanted to get out of there but she said no, she had to understand this,and she went on and on.Now this was a $20. discrepance on a $160.00 bill. She told us she spent a quarter of a million dollars renewating the building, why that was relavant i don’t know. Anyway , she walked away, called us dirtbags and the husband brought back the bill with the $20 removed! On the way out, we passed her and she called us another name. Too bad she did not take a customer service course as part of her quarter million spend.

  3. Sorry to hear your experience was bad Nancy, I did not hear the conversation that you had with the owner, but your forgot to mention that your husbands first round of drink was Johnny walker black (aprox cost per oz on the web is 1.15) and the waitress told him that johnny Blue was on special for 10.00 an 0z its normally, 40 and it would be 20 for the drink you ordered. Drinks are normally 2 oz and if you eat out and drink like you say you do, you would know this.
    Best price per oz of Blue on the web is 6.50 so how in the world would you misunderstand what the waitress explained to you? Why would a bar offer Blue that costs six times as much to you for a dollar more then Black? That just doesn’t make any sense.
    Don’t even try and say that she explained it to you wrong, she explained it to me the same way and I totally understood what she was offering.
    Again, I did not hear the conversation you had with the owner, nor was around when you passed her to hear her call you anything.
    However, it sounds like you were trying to get Blue for a deal and pull one over on a young waitress!

  4. Todd, ur right. I happened to be sitting at the bar at the time of this whole altercation was taking place and i heard that blonde waitress as well as some of the bartenders explain the Johnny Blue special to a couple people and they all said the same thing,”$10.00 An Oz.” And the only reason i remember this is because i was considering having a glass myself because the deal is unbeatable. And as far as the conversation goes with the owner,I,myself have had a few conversations with them and they never have said anything like that about anyone,espically a customer so i’m not quite sure why people feel as though they have to jump on the internet and try and bash a company as well as a waitress who did her job exactly how she was suppose to. Just doesnt make any sense

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