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So, now that January’s about over, I thought I’d check in and see how everyone’s New Year’s Resolutions are holding up.  Still hanging in there?  If you answered no, you’re in good company.   Data shows that only 64% of resolutions made will make it through the first month, and after six months, fewer than half the people who made New Year’s resolutions will have stuck with them.  These statistics actually sound a bit generous to me.  I personally don’t normally make serious resolutions for the new year, but when I have, they haven’t made it more than a couple of weeks.  So if you’re still sticking with your plan, I am impressed! 

If you’re not doing so well, or perhaps you’re just having a hard time staying motivated this winter, here’s a little inspiration for you.  In January 2009, Ben Davis realized he really wasn’t happy with life and needed to make some changes.  He took up running, started making healthier choices, lost 120lbs and gained happiness, choosing to Do Life!   This is his 120lb journey.



If Ben’s story didn’t inspire you, you may actually want to check to make sure you still have a pulse… 

Ben blogs at Ben Does Life.  Follow him in his ongoing journey!

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  1. Oh that was great. I was crying at the end. I needed that motivation. I have been sticking to my resolution, but I was barely hanging on. This helped 🙂

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