What Every Kitchen Needs

beer drinking cat

No, not a microplane, or an immersion blender… Okay, maybe if your kitchen’s lame, you need those things.  But what my kitchen really needed was this awesome piece of art featuring an overweight, beer drinking, viking helmet wearing cat.

This was a Christmas gift from our friends Tom and Heather and I only recently got around to hanging it up.  I cannot possibly express to you how much I love this – it definitely ranks among the best gifts I have ever gotten.   It absolutely screams Kate!   I just love it.

If you feel  the need to purchse your own drunken cat art, the artist has a website – Whiskers and Wine – and it is a whole bunch of awesome.  I’ve actually been tempted to purchase a few more pieces, but I truthfully don’t know how many pictures of drunk cats my house really needs.  One is fun and whimsical, but I think six might be bordering on crazy.  I think you need one!

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